DevExpress.XamarinForms.DataGrid Namespace

Contains classes that implement the DataGridView functionality.

Assembly: DevExpress.XamarinForms.Grid.dll


Name Description
AdvancedColumnLayout Stores settings of the grid's multi-row layout.
AutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.AutoGeneratingColumn event.
CellData Contains information about a data cell.
CellStyle Stores the data cell appearance settings.
CheckBoxColumn A grid column that displays Boolean values and allows a user to change a cell value by switching between two states.
ColumnHeaderStyle Stores the column header appearance settings.
CompleteRowDragDropEventArgs Provides data for the CompleteRowDragDrop event.
CustomCellStyleEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.CustomCellStyle event.
CustomizeCellDisplayTextEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.CustomizeCellDisplayText event.
CustomSummaryEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.CalculateCustomSummary event.
DataGridGestureEventArgs Provides data for the grid's Tap, TapConfirmed, DoubleTap and LongPress events.
DataGridValidationEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.ValidateCell and EditFormPage.ValidateCell events.
DataGridView A data grid view.
DateColumn A grid column used to display and edit date values.
DragRowEventArgs Provides data for the DragRow event.
DropRowEventArgs Provides data for the DropRow and DragRowOver events.
EditFormPage The page that allows users to edit grid's cell values.
EditFormValidationEventArgs Provides data for the EditFormPage.ValidateForm event.
EditFormView Stores appearance settings of the grid's edit form view.
EditRowViewModel Contains information on a data row that a user currently edits via the edit form.
GridColumn An abstract class that serves as the base class for grid columns.
GridColumnCollection A grid's column collection.
GridColumnDataEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.CustomUnboundColumnData event.
GridColumnSummary A data summary item.
GroupRowData Contains information about a group row.
GroupRowStyle Stores the group row appearance settings.
ImageColumn A grid column used to display images.
NumberColumn A grid column used to display and edit numeric values.
PickerColumn A grid column that allows a user to edit a cell value by selecting an item from the predefined set.
RowAllowEventArgs The base class for classes that provide data for events which allow you to cancel drag-and-drop operations.
RowEventArgs The base class for classes that provide data for events raised when users interact with data rows.
RowStyleBase The base class for styles that configure the appearance of the grid's data and group rows, column headers and total summary panel.
SelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.
StyleBase The base class for all styles that configure the appearance of grid elements.
SwipeItem Stores information about an action button shown when a user swipes a data row.
SwipeItemCollection A collection of objects that specify buttons shown when a user swipes a data row left to right or right to left.
SwipeItemData Contains information about a swipe item.
SwipeItemStyle Stores the swipe item appearance settings.
SwipeItemTapEventArgs Provides data for the SwipeItem.Tap event.
TemplateColumn A column type that allows you to define a custom template for column cells.
TextColumn A grid column used to display and edit text values.
TotalSummaryData Contains information about a total summary item.
TotalSummaryStyle Stores the total summary panel's appearance settings.
ValidationErrorEventArgs Provides data for the DataGridView.ValidationError event.


Name Description
IEditableRowData Contains information about the grid's data row and allows you to modify field values in this row.
IGroupInfo Contains information on a group of data rows.
IRowData Provides access to the grid's row data.


Name Description
CellIndex Stores the information on a cell location within the grid.


Name Description
AutoGeneratingColumnEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.AutoGeneratingColumn event.
CustomizeCellDisplayTextEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.CustomizeCellDisplayText event.
CustomSummaryEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.CalculateCustomSummary event.
DataGridGestureEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.Tap, DataGridView.TapConfirmed, DataGridView.DoubleTap and DataGridView.LongPress events.
DataGridValidationEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.ValidateCell and EditFormPage.ValidateCell events.
EditFormValidationEventHandler A method that will handle the EditFormPage.ValidateForm event.
GridColumnDataEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.CustomUnboundColumnData event.
SelectionChangedEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.SelectionChanged event.
ValidationErrorEventHandler A method that will handle the DataGridView.ValidationError event.


Name Description
AutoGenerateColumnsMode Lists values used to specify how columns are generated in the grid.
CustomSummaryProcess Lists values that indicate the current stage of the custom summary calculation process.
DataGridElement Lists values that specify the grid elements.
EditorShowMode Lists gestures to invoke an in-place editor for a data cell.
FixedStyle Lists values that specify the column's behavior when the grid is horizontally scrolled.
FullSwipeMode Lists values that specify how the grid handles a full swipe across the row.
GridSortMode Lists values that specify whether the grid allows data sorting by multiple columns or by a single column only.
SummaryType Lists values that specify the aggregate function types.