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Filter Queries

You can filter SQL queries constructed in the Query Builder by including the WHERE clauses in the query. Filters can be applied to underlying or aggregated data. The applied filters affect all dashboard items that use the filtered query. Columns from this query are used to build filter criteria.

To filter a query, deselect added tables and click the ellipsis button next to the Filter field in the Query Builder.


This invokes the Filter Editor dialog where you can build filter criteria.



Documentation: Filter Editor

The Filter Editor enables you to compare field values with the following objects:

  • Value - Allows you to compare field and static values.
  • Property - Compares different field values.
  • Parameter - Allows you to compare field and query parameter values. You can choose an existing query parameter or create a new one by selecting Create new parameter.



The Group Filter option from Query Properties allows you to apply filtering to grouped/aggregated data fields by including HAVING clauses in the query. The Group By and Aggregate options in the Query Builder manage Grouping and aggregation.See the Edit Column Settings paragraph in the Query Builder topic for more information.