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Dashboard Parameters on the Web

Dashboard Parameters are dynamic values that can replace constants in expressions, calculated fields, etc. You can also use dashboard parameters to filter a SQL data source dynamically.

The following topics describe how to work with dashboard parameters.

Create Dashboard Parameters
Describes how to add and configure a dashboard parameter.
Reference Dashboard Parameter
Shows where the dashboard parameters can be used.
Specify Dashboard Parameter Values
Describes how to change the dashboard parameter values in the UI and in code.


Financial Dashboard

The following demo contains two dashboard parameters: From date and To date. The dashboard parameters allow you to change the trading period and to display data from this period.

Run Demo: Financial Dashboard

To change the values of the dashboard parameters, open the Dashboard Parameters dialog. To open the dialog, click the Parameters button in the dashboard title.

Champions League Statistics

The demo below contains the Seasons multi-value dashboard parameter. Select one or several values from the drop-down list in the Dashboard Parameters dialog to see the corresponding data.

Run Demo: Champions League Statistics