Smart Tags

Smart tags are small glyphs that indicate the availability of refactorings, code providers and navigation providers. These tags are shown after a short delay each time you change a selection or move the caret, so that at least one refactoring or code provider becomes available. Clicking a smart tag invokes a context menu that lists all actions available for the current context, and allows you to apply one of them. The following smart tags are available.

  • DXCore Smart Tag


  • Visual Studio Smart Tag


By default, CodeRush Classic loads a smart tag menu asynchronously to decrease load time. CodeRush Classic displays the menu immediately after you click a smart tag or press Ctrl + `. Menu items are added to the menu as they are loaded. If the required menu item is already displayed in the menu, you do not have to wait until loading has finished. You can use the required refactoring or code provider immediately. If you close the menu, CodeRush Classic stops checking refactoring and code provider availability.

You can customize smart tag options via the Smart Tags Setup options page.