CodeRush Classic Options

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After installing CodeRush Classic, configure its features via the Options Dialog. The dialog enables you to enable or disable features, edit shortcuts, configure refactorings and code providers, specify visual element appearance, etc.

CodeRush Classic is a complex product and has many options, contained in several dozen options pages. But a clear options page structure and an easy to use search engine enable you to quickly find the required options page. For example, if you enter “shortcuts” in the Search text box, the Shortcuts options page will be immediately activated. The CodeRush Classic options page structure is represented as a tree in the left part of the dialog. Options pages in this tree are grouped into several sections listed in the following table. Some sections are, in turn, subdivided into subsections.

Section Description
Compatibility Contains options for CodeRush Classic compatibility with IDE.
Core Contains CodeRush Classic core options.
Diagnostics Contains CodeRush Classic diagnostic tools options.
Editor Contains the options for features for working with the code editor. This section contains the major portion of CodeRush Classic options.
Hinting Contains CodeRush Classic hints options.
IDE Contains options that affect the IDE functionality.
Tool Windows Contains the options for CodeRush Classic tool windows.
Unit Testing Contains the options for Unit Test Runner and Unit Test Runner.

CodeRush Classic enables you create different options schemes. You can change the active scheme on the Settings Schemes options page, or choose it from the combobox on the DXCore Visualize Toolbar to activate it. CodeRush Classic saves all option changes into the currently active scheme.


CodeRush Classic includes the FrictionFree options scheme that disables all features that change usual Visual Studio behavior.

You can also modify CodeRush Classic visual element appearance and create custom color schemes via the Visual Experience options page located at the root of the option pages tree.