Code Fix Hints

  • 2 minutes to read

Code Fix hints appear when you place the mouse pointer over a code issue indicator, or over a marked out code. They contain information on code issues and suggest ways to eliminate them, if any. CodeRush Classic usually uses code providers or refactorings to eliminate issues. In order for a Code Fix hint to suggest a method to eliminate an issue, the appropriate code provider or refactoring should be enabled.


The hints can also contain arrow buttons, used to activate the next or previous issue, and the ellipsis hyper link used to suppress the issue.

When you click the ellipsis hyper link, the Suppress context menu appears. It enables you to suppress the issue within a solution, a project, a file, or completely disable it.

The suppressed issues are shown on the Editor | Code Analysis | Issue Suppression page of CodeRush Classic Options. You can cancel an issue suppression on this options page.




Here are the various ways Code Fix hints may appear:




When a Code Fix hint is shown, you can control an issue via shortcuts.

Shortcut Action
Arrow buttons Selects the next or previous issue elimination method.
ENTER Applies the selected method to eliminate an issue.
ESC Hides the Code Fix hint.