Bookmarks are navigation waypoints that mark important locations you are going to move to in the future. You can use as many bookmarks as you need. However, you will only be able to immediately move to a certain bookmark if its identifier is less than or equal to 9. Otherwise, you will need to navigate from one bookmark to another, until you reach the desired bookmark. Unlike Markers, bookmarks are not deleted when you move to them and when you close and reopen a solution.

Bookmarks provide the following features:

Action Shortcut Description
Toggle Bookmark CTRL+PLUS SIGN Toggles a bookmark onto the current cursor position.
Go to Bookmark ALT+Number; CTRL+ALT+RIGHT ARROW; CTRL+ALT+LEFT ARROW Moves the cursor to the desired bookmark. If a bookmark’s identifier is less than or equal to 9, you can move to the desired bookmark. Also, you can navigate to the next or previous bookmark.
Remove Bookmark CTRL+MINUS SIGN Deletes the bookmark you moved to last.