CodeRush Classic

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CodeRush Classic can be integrated with Visual Studio to automate common code creation and code restructuring tasks and to simplify code investigation. It clearly shows a code structure, and creates typical code blocks with a minimum effort. You can create new code blocks with only a few keystrokes or with a few clicks. So, to declare a property you only need to type a pair of symbols and press Space to activate the template. If you have a reference to an undeclared property, you can call the appropriate code provider to declare the property with the given name and type.


CodeRush Classic is deeply integrated into Visual Studio, and adds multiple visual elements and shortcuts to Visual Studio. If you are a new CodeRush Classic user, we strongly recommend that you first view the topics describing visual elements and get acquainted with CodeRush Classic shortcuts on the Shortcuts options page.


Key Advantages of CodeRush Classic

  • Easy code investigation

    Structural Highlighting - Sometimes it is rather difficult to get oriented in complex code. The tremendous number of similar code lines looks messy and confusing. CodeRush Classic structural highlighting makes code structure much more understandable and allows you to easily see the essence of a code.

    Flow Break Evaluation - Flow break icons show which code line will be executed, following the current one. Flow break evaluation enables you to easily track how program execution flows.

  • Automation of common code creation tasks

    Code Providers - Dozens of code providers automatically create typical code blocks on the basis of existing code (e.g., when the cursor is on a reference to an undeclared element, you can call an appropriate code provider to automatically generate a property stub for this element).

    Code Templates - Code templates are also used to speed up the code creation process. Code template is a certain sequence of symbols that expands into a typical code block (e.g., to create a string method stub, type “ms” and press Space).

    Embedding - Embeddings enable you to easily embed the selected code into a typical block.

  • Easy search and navigation to a required code location

    Quick Navigation - Quick Navigation lets you easily find an identifier in the solution and navigate to it.

    Quick File Navigation - Quick File Navigation enables you to switch between files in a solution with a single click.

    Bookmarks and Markers - Bookmarks and Markers enable you to mark a certain place in code and navigate to it later with a single keystroke.

    Tab to Next Reference - A tab to Next Reference finds all references to an element in a file or a solution, and enables you to navigate through them.

  • Fast and easy selection

    Advanced Selection Tools - Advanced selection tools enable you to select identifiers by upper-case letters, or select entire logical blocks with a single keystroke.

  • On-the-fly code issues search

    Code Analysis - The Code Analysis tool finds and highlights code issues on-the-fly, and enables you to eliminate them with a single click, if possible.

  • Easy and effective mastering of CodeRush Classic features

    Mastering CodeRush Classic Features - Feature UI provides information on each executed feature and enables you to access its options with a single click. The CodeRush Classic tool window lists the features that can be executed for the current cursor position.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.

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