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Member Icons

There are two groups of member icons. Member icons in the first group are called Access Modifier Icons (or Visibility Icons) and indicate the access modifier of a member or a type.

Access modifier icons appear to the left of class and structure members.


The following five visibility icons are available:

protectedinternal Protected Internal

internal Internal

protected Protected

private Private

public Public

Icons contained in the second group indicate Members (e.g. a field, property, method, etc.).


The following member icons are available:

field Field

method Method

property Property

class Class

struct Structure

interface Interface


Access modifier icons can also be displayed if the visibility keyword is omitted; otherwise, the member icon is displayed. You can also display member icons only for public members while access modifier icons are painted for non-public members. All these and other options can be specified within the Edit | Painting | Visibility Icons page of CodeRush Classic Options.

Clicking the visibility indicator icon displays a drop-down menu of valid access modifiers for the member.