Linked Identifiers

Linked identifiers are related sections that are kept synchronized. If you change the text within one of them, all others get updated accordingly.


If linked identifiers are contained in a single file, link information will not be persisted. So, if you close and reopen a file, all the links located in this file will be lost. However, link information of multi-file linked identifiers remains persisted after a file is closed and reopened. An example of a multi-file linked identifier is a class public member referenced in other files.

When linked identifiers are enabled, you can do the following.

  • Break Linked Identifier - disassociates the current identifier from the rest - available via the context menu only.
  • Break All Linked Identifiers - breaks all links between the highlighted identifiers - ENTER key.
  • Select the next or previous identifier - TAB and SHIFT+TAB respectively.