Shortcut Hints

Shortcut hints list the available shortcuts for the current operation. Shortcut hints usually appear in response to a newly activated refactoring that requires you to perform specific actions using the keyboard. The tab at the top of the shortcut hint reveals the active feature or state.


To reposition a shortcut hint, click and drag the window to the desired location.

Shortcut hints will go away automatically when the feature or state they document becomes inactive. At the same time, they provide two buttons that can be used to control their visibility:

  • Minimize - hides the shortcut hint, allowing it to reappear the next time it is needed.
  • Close - hides the shortcut hint and prevents it from reappearing again in the future. To make closed shortcut hints reappear, check the Enabled check box on the Hinting | Shortcut Hints options page in DevExpress options (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+O keys).