Text Fields

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Some refactorings and code providers generate code containing portions that will likely need correction. For example, if you are declaring a method from usage, you will most likely specify parameter types and names manually. To make it easier for you to make corrections in auto-generated code, DevExpress IDE Tools provide text fields. Text fields are like a temporary input form within your code. They create input areas in code and allow you to navigate between these areas, like you can do with input controls on an ordinary form. When you are done with a particular text field, press ENTER and proceed to the next one and type over. You can also navigate between fields manually - in any order you like.

When you navigate to a text field, its entire content is automatically selected. This makes it much easier to edit values generated by default, because you can start typing right over.




Text fields provide the following key combinations.

Action Shortcut Description
Accept Text Field ENTER Accepts this field and activates the next.
Accept Text Field And Stay on It SHIFT+ENTER Accepts this field without moving the caret to the next field.
Accept All Text Fields CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER Accepts all fields.
Cancel Text Field ESC Cancels changes made to the active field.
Move to Next Field TAB Activates the next text field.
Move to Previous Field SHIFT+TAB Activates the previous text field

Navigation Fields are accompanied by a shortcut hint.