Navigation Fields

Navigation Fields allow you to quickly navigate between related code fragments. They highlight related code fragments and allow you to easily tab through them in both directions. Once you've tabbed to a link, the target code fragment is automatically selected so you can immediately start typing over it.

For instance, you can navigate among calls to a certain method. Place the cursor onto a method call or declaration, and press SHIFT+ALT+U. This will highlight all calls to the appropriate method and allow you to easily tab through them.

Navigation Fields provide the following features:

Action Shortcut Description
Initiate Navigation Fields SHIFT+ALT+U Underlines all references related with the reference under cursor.
Tab to Next Reference TAB Highlights the next underlined reference.
Tab to Previous Reference SHIFT+TAB Highlights the previous underlined reference.
Close Navigation Fields ENTER Closes all Navigation Fields and removes the initial marker.
Cancel Navigation ESC Cancels reference navigation and collects the initial marker.


Navigation Fields are accompanied by a shortcut hint.