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Blazor Button

The DevExpress Button component for Blazor (DxButton) supports nine pre-defined styles and has three render modes to suit various scenarios.

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Pre-Defined Styles

The Button component can include a Text label and an icon. You can use the IconPosition property to position the icon relative to the text. Specify RenderStyle and RenderStyleMode properties to choose one of the pre-defined appearance styles and fillings.

Custom Content

<DxButton> supports custom content as its ChildContent. You can add any content and implement any custom logic in this render fragment.

Click Event Handling

You can react to a button click in the following ways:

  • If the button is in a form, you can submit this form. Set the SubmitFormOnClick property to true.
  • Navigate to an URL. Use the NavigateUrl property to specify this URL.
  • Implement custom logic in the Click event handler.