CalculateDocumentVariableEvent Class

An event that occurs when a DOCVARIABLE field is updated.


export class CalculateDocumentVariableEvent extends RichEditEvent<CalculateDocumentVariableEventArgs>


You can define the CalculateDocumentVariable event handler either at the server side, at the client side, or at runtime.

Use the OnCalculateDocumentVariable(String) method to specify the event handler.

 .OnCalculateDocumentVariable("function(s,e) {
   if (e.variableName == 'sectionIndex')
       e.value = (s.document.sections.find(e.fieldInterval.start).index + 1).toString();
 // ...

The event handler receives an argument of the CalculateDocumentVariableEventArgs type. The argument's properties provide information specific to this event.


When the CalculateDocumentVariableAsyncEvent event handler is specified, the CalculateDocumentVariable event does not fire.


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