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DevExpress.AspNetCore.Spreadsheet Module

Contains classes that implement the Spreadsheet client-side functionality.


Name Description
CancelEventArgs Provides data for cancelable client events.
CellBeginEditEventArgs Provides data for the cellBeginEdit event.
CellCancelEditEventArgs Provides data for the cellCancelEdit event.
CellEndEditEventArgs Provides data for the cellEndEdit event.
CustomCommandExecutedEventArgs Provides data for the customCommandExecuted event.
EventArgs The base class for classes that contain event data.
HyperlinkClickEventArgs Provides data for the hyperlinkClick event.
PopupMenuItem An item of the Spreadsheet’s context menu.
PopupMenuItemCollection A collection of items in the Spreadsheet’s context menu.
PopupMenuShowingEventArgs Provides data for the popupMenuShowing event.
Rectangle Contains the size and position of a spreadsheet cell.
Selection The selection in the Spreadsheet.
SelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the selectionChanged event.
Spreadsheet A client-side Spreadsheet object.
SpreadsheetClientState Contains information about the Spreadsheet’s client state.
SpreadsheetEvent<TEventArgs> The event object used for client-side events.


Name Description
DocumentLinkType Lists the available link types.
EditMode Lists values that identify a type of the element currently being edited in the Spreadsheet control.
PopupMenuType Lists values that identify the context menu type.