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Client API

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The RichEdit topic is your entry point for information on RichEdit client-side API. Navigate to this document to review the full list of all available properties and methods. The two most commonly used properties are the following:

  • document - provides access to document structural elements (such as sections, main sub-document, styles for characters, paragraphs, and tables).
  • selection - provides access to the selected content, allows you to position the cursor within a document, and to select document content elements.

The following animation shows you how to effectively navigate the client-side documentation.

  • The navigation bar on the left lists settings available at the current level (excluding the inherited members that are available in a class description).
  • Once you select an option, follow the link to its type in the Property Value section to learn about nested settings.

RichEdit - Client API

Access The Editor on The Client Side

To access the editor on the client side, use the Name value specified on the server side.

@(Html.DevExpress().RichEdit("richEdit") //...

Client-Side Events

You can define the RichEdit control’s client-side event handlers in the following ways.

.NET Core Server Settings

The RichEditBuilder object exposes methods that allow you to assign an event handler to a corresponding client-side event. These methods start with “On”: OnContentInserted(String), OnGotFocus(String), etc.

You can define an event handler in the control’s builder; or specify the event handler name in the builder, and define the event handler function on the page or in an external script file.

function onDocumentLoaded(s, e) { /* ... */ }
   .OnGotFocus("function(s,e){ /* ... */ }")

Client Settings

The property provides access to a list of available client events and allows you to define event handlers.

const options = DevExpress.RichEdit.createOptions(); = function(s,e){ /* ... */ };
var richElement = document.getElementById("rich-container");
const richEdit = DevExpress.RichEdit.create(richElement, options);

Runtime Settings

The property provides access to a list of available client events.

Use the addHandler(handler), removeHandler(handler), and clearHandlers methods to dynamically add and remove event handlers., e) { /* ... */ });