SchedulerViewBase Properties

Serves as a base class for different scheduler Views.
Name Description
Control Gets the scheduler control to which the current View belongs.
DisplayName Gets or sets the string to display to indicate the currently active view.
Enabled Gets or sets whether a particular View is enabled for the scheduler.
FirstVisibleResourceIndex Gets or sets the index of a resource in the collection of visible resources, which is displayed first within the current scheduler view.
GroupType Gets or sets a value that specifies the type of grouping applied to the View.
MenuCaption Gets or sets the menu caption string to indicate the View.
MoreButtonHTML Specifies the HTML string used as the caption in the “Show more” buttons.
NavigationButtonAppointmentSearchInterval Specifies the time span used to search for appointments by Navigation Buttons.
NavigationButtonVisibility Gets or sets the condition for display of the Navigation Buttons.
ResourcesPerPage Gets or sets the number of resources shown at one time on a screen.
SelectedInterval Gets the time interval currently selected in the scheduler’s active View by an end-user.
SelectedResource Gets the resource which contains the time interval currently selected in the scheduler’s active view.
ShortDisplayName Gets or sets a short name of the current view.
ShowMoreButtons Gets or sets a value which specifies if the More Buttons should be shown in the current View.
Type Gets the View’s type.
ViewSelectorItemAdaptivePriority Gets or sets the priority of View Selector item hiding in adaptive mode.
VisibleIntervals Obsolete. This method is obsolete. Do not use it.
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