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DiagramEdgeMappingInfo.Text Property

Specifies the name of a data source field that provides edge texts.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxDiagram

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxDiagram.v23.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public string Text { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Default Description
String String.Empty

The field name.


The specified data source field should return a string value with the one following formats:

  • A plain text (for instance, "text") displayed in the middle of a connector.
  • A JSON object (for instance, "{ \"0.3\": \"text1\", \"0.8\": \"text2\" }") that contains multiple texts and their positions on the connector. The position is a number from 0 to 1, where 0 corresponds to the connector’s start point and 1 to the connector’s end point.


Use the Text property to customize the text of an edge after it is bound to a data source (in the EdgeDataBound event).

Online Demo

Diagram - Data Binding


<dx:ASPxDiagram ID="Diagram" runat="server" Width="100%" Height="600px" Units="Px"
    NodeDataSourceID="FlowNodeDemoDataSource" EdgeDataSourceID="FlowEdgeDemoDataSource" >
    <SettingsAutoLayout Type="Layered" Orientation="Vertical" />
        <Node Key="ID" Type="Type" Width="Width" Height="Height" Left="Left" Locked="Locked" Style="Style" 
        Text="Text" TextStyle="TextStyle" Top="Top" ZIndex="ZIndex"/>
        <Edge Key="ID" FromKey="FromID" ToKey="ToID" Text="Text" FromLineEnd="StartTip" FromPointIndex="StartPoint" 
        LineType="Type" Locked="Locked" Style="Style" TextStyle="TextStyle" ToLineEnd="EndTip" 
        ToPointIndex= "EndPoint" ZIndex="ZIndex"/>
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