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Simple Selection

The ASPxTreeList supports both single and multiple node selection modes. To allow end-users to select nodes, enable the TreeListSettingsSelection.Enabled option. Nodes will display selection cells that contain check boxes. End-users can check or uncheck these check boxes to select or unselect the corresponding nodes.


To enable end-users to select all nodes displayed within the ASPxTreeList, set the ASPxTreeList.SelectAll property to true. This displays a check box within the column header panel used to select/de-select all nodes.

To prevent end-users from selecting individual nodes, set the node's TreeListNode.AllowSelect property to false. In this instance, the Selection Cell isn't displayed within the node.

The ASPxTreeList provides multiple methods that allow you to select and unselect required nodes on the server and client sides. These methods are listed in Member Table: Selection.

Recursive Selection

The ASPxTreeList supports recursive node selection, which is enabled by the TreeListSettingsSelection.Recursive option. When recursive selection is enabled:

  • a parent node is automatically selected if all its child nodes are selected. Deselecting a child node automatically unselects its parent node(s);
  • selecting a parent node automatically selects all its children.



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