Navigation Buttons

Navigation buttons allow users to switch between pages. There are five navigation buttons:

  • First - navigates a user to the first page;
  • Previous - navigates a user to the previous page;
  • Next - navigates a user to the next page;
  • Last - navigates a user to the last page;
  • All - displays the content of all the pages within a view.


The table below lists the main members that affect the element's appearance and functionality:

Characteristics Members
Button Settings ASPxPagerBase.AllButton, ASPxPagerBase.FirstPageButton, ASPxPagerBase.PrevPageButton, ASPxPagerBase.NextPageButton, ASPxPagerBase.LastPageButton
Style ASPxPagerBase.ButtonStyle, ASPxPagerBase.DisabledButtonStyle
Visibility PagerButtonProperties.Visible, ASPxPagerBase.ShowDisabledButtons