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Loading Panel

When the page control’s ASPxTabControlBase.AutoPostBack property is set to false, and the ASPxPageControl.EnableCallBacks property is set to true, the first activation of an inactive tabbed page initiates a callback to the server to obtain the page’s content. In this case, a specific loading panel is displayed as the newly activated page’s contents while waiting for a callback response.

A loading panel can be customized by using its style settings, specifying its text and image.


The table below lists the main members which affect the appearance of loading panels and the way in which they function:

Characteristic Members
Delay SettingsLoadingPanel.Delay
Visibility SettingsLoadingPanel.Enabled
Text SettingsLoadingPanel.Text
Image SettingsLoadingPanel.ShowImage, SettingsLoadingPanel.ImagePosition, ASPxPageControl.LoadingPanelImage
Style ASPxPageControl.LoadingPanelStyle