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Series Scale Types

A series scale type specifies the type of data that a series uses as arguments or values.

Each series should have an appropriate scale type defined for its point arguments and values. The scale type determines how the web chart control interprets the series’ underlying data (as qualitative, numeric, date-time or time-span), and it directly affects the chart’s overall output.

In most instances, you do not need to change the argument scale type of the SeriesBase.ArgumentScaleType property (set to Auto mode by default) because the series point argument type is detected automatically, based on the underlying data type. If you wish to change the Numerical value scale type, use the SeriesBase.ValueScaleType property.



For auto-created series, the series scale properties are located within the WebChartControl.SeriesTemplate property.

The chart below displays a series with a DateTime argument scale type (which displays months only) and a Numerical value scale type (in currency format).


Date-time data aggregation specifics are detailed in the following help topic: Data Aggregation.

A series scale type depends on the scale type of its axes. For more information on how to use scale types in the ASP.NET Chart Control, refer to the following help topic: Axis Scale Types.