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Web Farm and Web Garden Support

This topic describes how to make web charting applications that use WebChartControl work properly in a clustered web environment (also known as a Web Farm or Web Garden).

Web farm and web garden technologies allow you to run a web application on multiple web servers (a web farm), or on the same server but in different processes (a web garden). In a web garden, each process is executed on its own processor - specified by the Internet Information Services (IIS) settings of the server host where the web application is deployed. By using a clustered environment, you can significantly improve the performance of large web applications.

To use these technologies with your web chart, you should define an appropriate mode via the WebChartControl.BinaryStorageMode property. For the descriptions of the available modes, and for more information on using this technology in XtraCharts, refer to the Binary Storage Configuration document in Common ASP.NET Concepts help.

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