Default Window

If the ASPxPopupControl.Windows collection is empty, the ASPxPopupControl control creates the default popup window. It is defined by the settings declared on the control's level.

To show the default window, set its server-side ASPxPopupControlBase.ShowOnPageLoad property value to true. You can also use the client-side ASPxClientPopupControlBase.Show method for this purpose.


If the popup control contains several windows, settings declared on the control's level affect all of them unless manually specified otherwise. If the same property is set differently on the control and the window levels (for example, ASPxPopupControl.FooterImage and PopupWindow.FooterImage), the latter one has the highest priority.


The following properties affect the default popup window only. If the window collection isn't empty, these properties are not in effect and the corresponding ones should be set on the window level.