A Segment is a visual element into which every symbol can be divided.

The segments number depends on what symbols panel type is used. The following images show the SevenSegments and FourteenSegments view types.

The SevenSegments view type has 7 main segments and 4 additional segments that can be used to display a symbol.


The FourteenSegments view type contains 14 main segments and 4 additional segments.


The main segments are used to display both digits and characters in the symbols panel.

An additional segment displays either a dot, which divides the integral and fractional parts of a decimal number, or another subsidiary symbol.

The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Data DigitalGauge.Text,DigitalGauge.DigitCount,ASPxGaugeControl.Value
Appearance DigitalGauge.AppearanceOff