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Bind Gauge Control to Data

This topic explains how to bind ASPxGaugeControl to data.

Data Binding Overview

You can bind the ASPxGauge control to a data source at runtime in the same manner as standard server controls.

Use the ASPxGaugeControl.CustomCallback event to bind the gauge control to data and process data on the server. This event is raised by the ASPxClientGaugeControl.PerformCallback method.

For instance, the following image illustrates an ASPxGauge control bound to the server data of an ASPxComboBox control. ASPxComboBox displays the current car model from a drop-down list.


When you select an item from the ASPxComboBox control’s drop-down list, the ASPxClientEdit.ValueChanged event is raised to send a callback to the server-side gauge control.

See the following example to learn more: How to: Bind a Gauge Control to a Data Source.