Background Layer

A Background Layer is a visual element that defines the background of the digital gauge.

When you add a new background layer to the digital gauge, it is painted behind all other gauge elements, because its BaseLeafPrimitive.ZOrder property is set to 1000, by default. If you want to bring this layer in front of other gauge elements (or paint it above other layers, if there are any), you need to set the ZOrder property to a lower value.

For example, the following picture illustrates a background layer that is overlapped by the symbols of the FourteenSegment view type.


A background layer is represented by the DigitalBackgroundLayer class.

The table below lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Appearance DigitalBackgroundLayer.ShapeType,BaseLeafPrimitive.Shader
Layout DigitalBackgroundLayer.BottomRight,DigitalBackgroundLayer.TopLeft,BaseLeafPrimitive.ZOrder