Range Bar

A Range Bar within circular gauges is a filled sector that always starts at some fixed value along a scale and extends to another value (the scale's current value or another fixed value).

By default, the range bar extends to the scale's current value, so when the scale's value changes, the range bar's boundaries change as well.

The image below demonstrates two range bars, each of which has different anchored values (0 and 30) and extends to the other scale's value (30 and 100 correspondingly).

CircularGauge_Range Bar

A range bar is represented by the ArcScaleRangeBar class.

The table below lists the main properties affecting element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Data BaseRangeBar.AnchorValue,BaseRangeBar.Value,BaseRangeBar.ActualValue
Layout BaseRangeBar.StartOffset,BaseRangeBar.EndOffset,BaseLeafPrimitive.ZOrder
Appearance BaseRangeBar.Appearance,BaseLeafPrimitive.Shader