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Report Wizard (Fullscreen)

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The Report Wizard enables you to create reports or modify existing reports based on predefined templates.

Report Wizard (Fullscreen)

Run one of the following menu commands to invoke the Report Wizard:

New via Wizard Design in Report Wizard
Report Wizard (Fullscreen) Menu New in Wizard Report Wizard (Fullscreen) Menu Design in Report Wizard]
Inokes the Report Wizard and creates a new report Invokes the Report Wizard and modifies the current report

Select the Report Type

On the start page, choose the report type you want to create.

Empty Report
Creates a blank report that is not bound to a data source. Choose this option to design your report from scratch without the wizard.
Table Report
Creates a table report and binds it to data.
Vertical Report
Creates a vertical report and binds it to data.
Label Report
Creates badges, business cards, price tags, and other label types.
Cross-Tab Report
Creates a cross-tab report and binds it to data.

Report Wizard Flow Chart

The following image shows the wizard’s navigation structure:

Customize the Report Wizard

The following help topics describe how you can customize the Report Wizard:

Report Wizard Customization API

The Report Wizard Customization API allows you to specify a custom template to generate a report, and make adjustments to the generated report (such as report branding, header/footer formatting, font settings) in the Report Wizard.

For this, you should register your own implementation of the ReportWizardCustomizationService class.

The CustomizeReportTypeList and CustomizeReportTypeListAsync methods allow you to add custom report types and remove existing report types from the Select Report Type wizard page, as the following image illustrates:

CustomizeReportTypeList Sample Result

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