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Chart Designer

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Chart Designer Overview

The Chart Designer allows you to quickly create and customize charts in the Web End-User Report Designer.


To invoke the Chart Designer, click the Run Designer button over the chart control.


The Chart Designer consists of three main parts that are described below.

Chart Structure

The Chart Structure tree enables you to explore and manage a structure of a chart and its elements.

When you click a chart element in the tree, the Properties panel displays settings of this element.

To create a new series, click the plus web-designer-chart-designer-add-button button for the Series collection and select a required series type in the invoked window.


To add elements to other collections (Titles, Legends, etc.), simply click the plus web-designer-chart-designer-add-button button.

To delete an element, select it and click the Remove web-designer-chart-designer-remove-button button.

Chart Layout

The Chart Layout area displays the preview of the created chart.


This part also provides the following buttons:

Icon Description
web-designer-chart-designer-undo-button Reverses the most recent action.
web-designer-chart-designer-redo-button Performs the action you have previously undone.

Chart Properties

The Properties panel allows you to view and change settings of a chart and its elements. Changing any property updates the chart layout to display the current state.



See the Web Chart Control documentation to learn more about the core Chart functionality.