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Main Toolbar

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The Main Toolbar provides access to the report editing commands in the Web Report Designer.


Handle the following client-side events to customize the Main Toolbar:

ASP.NET Web Forms & MVC ASP.NET Core
CustomizeMenuActions CustomizeMenuActions

Clipboard Commands

Use these commands to place the selected elements in the clipboard and paste them onto the required report bands:

Command Icon Description
Cut web-designer-main-toolbar-cut Cuts the selected control to the clipboard.
Copy web-designer-main-toolbar-copy Copies the selected control to the clipboard.
Paste web-designer-main-toolbar-paste Pastes a control from the clipboard onto the selected report band.

Edit Commands

The following commands allow you to delete report elements and cancel previous actions:

Command Icon Description
Undo web-designer-main-toolbar-undo Cancels the last change made to the document.
Redo web-designer-main-toolbar-redo Reverses the last undo action.
Delete web-designer-main-toolbar-delete Deletes the selected control.

View Commands

Use the commands below to adjust the report zoom factor:

Command Icon Description
Zoom In web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom-in Increases the document’s current zoom factor by 5 percent.
Zoom Out web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom-out Decreases the document’s current zoom factor by 5 percent.
Zoom Factor web-designer-main-toolbar-zoom Zooms to a specific zoom factor selected from the dropdown list.

Mode Commands

The following commands enable you to toggle between Report Designer’s modes:

Command Icon Description
Full Screen web-designer-main-toolbar-fullscreen Switches to the Full Screen mode.
Report Designer web-designer-main-toolbar-designer Switches to the Design mode.
Report Viewer web-designer-main-toolbar-preview Switches to the Preview mode.

Scripting Commands

Use the following command to invoke the Script Editor:

Command Icon Description
Scripts aspx-script-editor-scripts Invokes the Script Editor. The command is not available in the default configuration. Review the following help topic: Scripts Security.

Validation Commands

The command below turns off the binding validation mode.

Command Icon Description
Validate Bindings web-designer-main-toolbar-validate-bindings Highlights report controls with invalid data bindings or incorrect expressions.