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Control Toolbox

The Control Toolbox contains all available report controls and allows end-users to add them to the report being edited. Report controls can display both static and dynamic information of different kinds (simple or formatted text, pictures, tables, etc.) and adjust a report layout (organize controls within panels, insert page brakes, etc.).

The available report controls can be divided into the following categories.

To learn how to add a control from the Toolbox to a report, see the Add Controls to a Report section.

General Content

The following controls are most commonly used to display data in a report.

Icon Control Description
icon-large-label-report-controls Label The most basic Label control is intended to display plain text in a report.
icon-large-check-box-report-controls Check Box The Check Box control displays True/False or Checked/Unchecked/Indeterminate states in a report by displaying (or not) a check mark, which can be accompanied by a text description.
icon-large-rich-text-report-controls Rich Text The Rich Text control displays formatted text in a report.
icon-large-picture-box-report-controls Picture Box The Picture Box displays static or dynamic images of various file formats in a report.
icon-large-table-report-controls Table The Table control is designed to display tabular information in a report.
icon-large-cellular-label-report-controls Character Comb The Character Comb control displays text so that each character is printed in an individual cell.
icon-large-bar-code-report-controls Bar Code The Bar Code control transforms its content into a bar code of the specified type.
icon-large-zip-code-report-controls Zip Code The Zip Code control transforms its content into a zip code.
icon-large-gauge-report-controls Gauge The Gauge control provides the capability to embed graphical gauges into a report.

Extended Data

The following controls are connected to data individually, without accessing a report's data source.

Icon Control Description
icon-large-chart-report-controls Chart The Chart control displays a series of points using numerous 2D or 3D chart types.
icon-large-sparkline-report-controls Sparkline The Sparkline control displays a compact chart that is commonly used to reflect the flow of data for every row in a report.
icon-large-pivot-grid-report-controls Pivot Grid The Pivot Grid control displays dynamic data in a cross-tabulated form.

Report Layout

The following controls allow you to draw shapes in a report and customize the report layout.

Icon Control Description
icon-large-panel-report-controls Panel The Panel control is a container that frames separate report controls to allow them to be easily moved, copied and pasted, and visually unite them in the report's preview.
icon-large-line-report-controls Line The Line control draws a line of a specified direction, style, width and color.
icon-large-shape-report-controls Shape The Shape control draws one of the predefined graphic objects (rectangle, ellipse, etc.)
icon-large-subreport-report-controls Subreport The Subreport control allows you to include other reports in a current report.
icon-large-page-breaki-report-controls Page Break The Page Break control inserts a page delimiter at any point within a report.
icon-large-cross-band-line-report-controls Cross-Band Line The Cross-band Line control draws a line through several bands.
icon-large-cross-band-box-report-controls Cross-Band Box The Cross-band Box control draws a rectangle through several bands.

Document Statistics

The dynamic content of the following controls is not obtained from a data source.

Icon Control Description
icon-large-page-info-report-controls Page Info The Page Info control is intended to add page numbers and system information (the current date and time or the current user name) to a report.
icon-large-table-of-content-report-controls Table of Contents The Table of Contents control generates a table of contents based on bookmarks specified for report elements.

Add Controls to a Report

To add a control from the Toolbox to a report, do one of the following.

  • Double-click an item in the Toolbox to create the corresponding control at the default position.
  • Drag-and-drop an item from the Toolbox onto the required position within a report.


  • Select an item in the Toolbox, and then indicate the bounding rectangle by holding down the left mouse button.


If you need to perform selection, re-arranging or resizing operations, select the Pointer item (RD_Toolbox_1).