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Reporting for WinForms

Print API
Demonstrates how to print reports and change print settings in WinForms applications.
Print Preview
Describes how to view, customize, export, and print DevExpress reports in WinForms applications.
End-User Report Designer
Explains how to add the End-User Report Designer to WinForms applications.
Application Security
Provides information on how to ensure the maximum level of security in your WinForms reporting application.
Application Appearance
Describes how to customize a WinForms reporting application’s appearance.
Application Deployment
Lists the libraries that need to be deployed in your WinForms reporting application.
Details how to localize the Print Preview and End-User Report Designer.
End-User Documentation
Describes how to use the Document Viewer and Report Designer.
WinForms UI Development Bundles that Include Reports
Describes how you can bundle DevExpress Reports with WinForms UI Controls and add advanced end-user capabilities to your applications.


See .NET Versions Supported by DevExpress Components to learn about the supported .NET versions.