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Member Table: Export and Import Data

Member Description
The TreeList.ExportToHtml method. Exports data in HTML format.
The TreeList.ExportToMht method. Exports data in MHT format.
The TreeList.ExportToPdf method. Exports data in PDF format.
The TreeList.ExportToRtf method. Exports data in RTF format.
The TreeList.ExportToText method. Exports data as text.
The TreeList.ExportToXls method. Exports data in XLS format.
The TreeList.ExportToXlsx method. Exports data in XLSX (MS Excel 2007) format.
The TreeList.ExportToXml method. Exports data in XML format.
The TreeList.ImportFromXml method. Imports the data stored in XML format to the Tree List (this method is in effect in Unbound Mode).
The TreeList.IsPrintingAvailable property. Checks whether the XtraPrinting Library, used to print and export the Tree List control, is available.
The TreeList.OptionsPrint property. Contains various options that affect how the Tree List control is printed and exported.
The TreeList.AppearancePrint property. Allows you to customize appearances that are used when the Tree List control is printed and exported. These settings are in effect if the TreeListOptionsPrint.UsePrintStyles option is enabled.