Smart Tag Overview

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Smart Tag is a design-time extension that allows you to quickly set values or bind the most important properties of a control. Also, it helps you to perform repetitive actions such as assigning icons, and defining services and behaviors for a control. This feature is provided for all standard components, and is also extended for most DevExpress WPF Controls.

Accessing a Smart Tag

To access the Smart Tag panel, select a control and click the Smart Tag icon (SmartTagButton) at the top-right corner of the control.


If for some reason, it's difficult to select the required element by clicking it in a Visual Studio Designer, use the Document Outline Window to select an element.


Smart Tag Contents


Structurally, the Smart Tag panel is represented by two main areas: Title and Properties.

The Title area includes the following elements.

  • Caption displays the type of selected controls. For DevExpress components, you can click the caption to open the corresponding topic in the online documentation.
  • The SmartTagSpannerButton tab, which is selected by default and shows the properties of the selected element.
  • The SmartTagCogWheelButton tab opens the MVVM settings tab that allows you to attach Services and Behaviors to the selected control.

The Properties area contains a list of the most important properties of the selected control.

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