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Template Gallery

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The DevExpress Template Gallery contains a set of popular application layouts of DevExpress Controls, which you can use in your application. The Template Gallery option automatically appears in the Visual Studio New Project menu after you install the DevExpress controls suite:

TemplateGallery - Create Project

Enter the project name, select the project’s location, and click OK to proceed to the main Template Gallery dialog. The following image illustrates this dialog and its elements:

TemplateGallery - Dialog Elements

  • Target Framework - allows you to choose between .NET Framework and .NET Core.

    TemplateGallery - Target Framework Selector

  • Language Selector - allows you to choose between Visual C# and Visual Basic.

    TemplateGallery - Language Selector

  • Template Categories - enumerates all the selected platform’s available template groups, version, and language. Templates are grouped by purpose or application UI type.

    TemplateGallery - Template Categories

  • Search Box - allows you to search for specific templates by title.

    TemplateGallery - Search

Once you have chosen the application options, click the desired template. This navigates you to the next dialog, which has a detailed template description, along with Back, Create Project, and Run Wizard buttons.

WPF Project Templates

WPF Common group

Template Name Description Components in Use
Blank Application An empty application with DevExpress themes and components. ThemedWindow
Blank MVVM Application An empty application with the DevExpress MVVM Framework, themes, and components. ThemedWindow, MVVM Framework
Ribbon Application An application with Ribbon-based toolbars. RibbonControl, RibbonStatusBarControl, ThemedWindow
Modular MDI Application An empty modular application based on the Module Injection Framework. MIF

WPF Business Solutions group

Template Name Description Components in Use
Dashboard Viewer Application A dashboard viewer application that shows a dashboard created at design time. DashboardControl, ThemedWindow

Add DevExpress Item menu

In addition to creating entire DevExpress template-based projects, you can add templated items to existing projects. To do this, right-click your project in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer window and select the Add DevExpress Item menu item, as shown in the figure below.

TemplateGallery - Add New Item

Clicking this menu item invokes the Template Gallery dialog, which is similar to the Project Template Gallery dialog mentioned earlier. This dialog has the same options for choosing the platform, version, and language. All new item templates are grouped by type or purpose. You can see this dialog in the following image:

TemplateGallery - Add New Item Dialog WPF

In this dialog, you can create a basic solution from a predefined template based on DevExpress controls.

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