Menu Entries

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The DevExpress Menu is displayed in the Visual Studio menu bar, and provides the capability to run additional DevExpress tools.


In Visual Studio 2019, the DevExpress Menu is located in the Extensions menu.


The .NET Core Desktop Product Installer does not include Visual Studio extensions.

All Platforms


The All Platforms sub menu contains items available for all platforms.

WPF Controls v21.1


In the WPF Controls v21.1 sub menu, you can enable or disable DevExpress Smart Tags.


The WPF Controls v21.1 sub menu is not available in Visual Studio versions prior to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012

The DevExpress Image Picker displays a collection of raster and vector DevExpress icons and images added to the solution. When you select an image, the Image Picker displays the path in the System.Uri and DXImage formats. You can use the path to specify images in markup.

Project Converter

This sub menu item shows the list of avalaible Project Converters based on DevExpress components versions installed on the current machine.


The Project Converter is an extension specially designed to update project references to the most recent version of DevExpress .NET components.

Repair ToolBox

The Repair ToolBox item is responsible for the tool box repair process. After clicking, you will see the Repair ToolBox dialog.


Here, you need to click the Repair ToolBox to start the repair process or Cancel.

To learn more about how to resolve possible ToolBox issues, refer to the How to resolve issues with Toolbox items KB Article.

Receive update notifications

The Receive update notifications option determines whether Visual Studio shows a corresponding notification about newly avalaible versions of DevExpress .NET components in the Notifications window.