DataGridView Events

A data grid view.
Name Description
AutoGeneratingColumn Occurs each time an individual column is generated automatically.
CalculateCustomSummary Allows you to specify a custom rule to calculate data summaries.
CustomizeCellDisplayText Allows you to provide a custom display text for any data cell.
CustomUnboundColumnData Enables you to populate unbound columns with data, and save changes that users made in unbound columns.
DoubleTap Occurs when a user double taps the grid.
LoadMore Occurs when a user scrolls to the bottom of the grid to load new data items.
LongPress Occurs when a user taps and holds anywhere within the grid.
PullToRefresh Occurs when a user pulls the grid down to refresh its content.
SelectionChanged Occurs after the selected row has been changed in the grid.
Tap Occurs when a user taps the grid.
TapConfirmed Occurs when a single tap is confirmed (a user tapped the grid and a second tap leading to the double-tap gesture did not follow).
ValidateCell Occurs after a user changes a cell value in the in-place editor and attempts to select another cell.
ValidationError Occurs when a value in the in-place cell editor fails validation or when it cannot be saved to a data source.
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