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Dashboard Data Source Wizard

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The Dashboard Data Source Wizard allows you to configure a data source, retrieve its data, and add the created data source to a dashboard.

To invoke this wizard, open to the Data Sources page in the dashboard menu and click Add:

web Dashboard - Data sources page - "Add" button

In the invoked window, click Create data source:

web Dashboard - "Create data source" window

On the start page, select the data source type:

Web Dashboard - Data Source Wizard

You can create a new data source based on a database, JSON data, an OLAP cube, or create a federated data source. Click Next to proceed to the next wizard page depending on the selected data source type:

Obtains data from all major data providers (Microsoft SQL Server, XML data, Microsoft Access, Oracle, etc.).
Connects to JSON-formatted data.
OLAP Data Source
Connects to OLAP cubes.
Data Federation
Creates a federated data source from the existing data sources.


You can hide a specific data source type from the start page. See the following help topic for details: Hide Data Source Types.

Customize Dashboard Data Source Wizard

The “Select Data Source Type” page is identified by the following API:

Page Name Page ID Class
Select Data Source Type DataSourceWizardPageId.ChooseDataSourceTypePage DashboardChooseDataSourceTypePage

You can customize the Dashboard Data Source Wizard: change the predefined wizard settings, remove a page, hide data source types, and so on. See the following help topic for more information: Customize the Dashboard Data Source Wizard.