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XAML Analyzers

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The table below lists analyzers that check XAML code for typical errors related to DevExpress controls. The analyzers highlight detected issues in XAML code and display them in the Error List window:

Visual Studio XAML Analyzers

ID Title Description
CRXAML01 Legacy drag-and-drop Set the DataViewBase.AllowDragDrop property to true instead of the obsolete drag-and-drop behaviors.
CRXAML02 ColumnBase.EditTemplate is used Use the ColumnBase.CellEditTemplate property instead of the obsolete ColumnBase.EditTemplate property.
CRXAML03 FieldName is equal to the Binding path The FieldName and Binding properties are defined simultaneously for a column.
CRXAML04 Outdated windows Use the ThemedWindow instead of the outdated windows.
CRXAML05 Cell template without PART_Editor Set the editor’s name to "PART_Editor" to bind and configure the editor.
CRXAML06 EditValueChanging/EditValueChanged is handled in CellTemplate Handle the CellValueChanging and CellValueChanged events instead of EditValueChanging and EditValueChanged.
CRXAML07 An invalid EventToCommand.EventName Use a valid event name to specify the EventToCommand.EventName property.
CRXAML08 In-place editing is not available when NavigationStyle is set to Row or None Set the DataViewBase.NavigationStyle property to Cell to allow users to use in-place data editors to edit cell values.
CRXAML09 AutoWidth and relative column width are used together Set the TableView.AutoWidth property to false if you use relative (star) values to specify a column’s Width property.