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Spell Checker

The Spell Checker finds misspelled words in identifiers, strings, file names and code comments, and provides correction options. It checks:

  • The entire solution when you open it.
  • All newly entered text.

How to Enable

Use one of the following:

  • The Quick Setup options section.


  • The Editor | All Languages | Code Analysis | Spell Checker options page.


How to Review and Apply Spelling Suggestions

  • Place the caret in a misspelled word.
  • Use the Ctrl + . or Ctrl + ~ shortcut to invoke the Code Actions Menu.
  • Select the desired item from the Spell Checker sub menu.



The Spell Checker checks public, protected, protected internal, and internal members. Use the Editor | Spell checker options page to change this default behavior.

How to Configure

Open Editor | All Languages | Code Analysis | Spell Checker options page to access the Spell Checker Options.

The screenshot below shows the default Spell Checker settings.


Change the Spell Checker Language

CodeRush includes a built-in dictionary for the English language. To enable spell-checking capabilities for other languages, add a custom dictionary. See the Adding a Dictionary for the Spell Checker topic for details.