Navigation Tools Settings

You can configure the Navigation tools in the Navigation | General options page.


CodeRush provides the following options to configure navigation tools:

Show Recent Items

Enable this option if you want CodeRush to display the list of recent navigation targets in the Jump to Everything, Jump to Symbol, and Jump to File windows.


Always invoke Navigation windows centered

With this option enabled, CodeRush displays the Jump To window at the center of the screen.

Use the identifier under the caret as an initial filter in the Jump to Symbol window

To see this option in action:

  • switch to code
  • place the caret over an identifier
  • use the Ctrl + Shift + Q shortcut to open the Jump to Symbol window.


CodeRush displays the identifiers list in the Jump To Symbol window filtered by the identifier under the caret.

Use a cache for Jump To Symbol (increases performance with potential impact on memory)

You can enable this option to speed up the Jump To Symbol‘s performance. Note that the use of cache increases memory consumption and can require more time to load a solution.