Break Apart Settings

You can configure the Break Apart Parameters/Arguments code action on the Editor | <Language> | Code Actions | Break Apart Settings options page.


Use the following options to configure the Break Apart Parameters/Arguments feature:

  • The indentation of the broken apart parameters/arguments.

    Possible values:

    • Follow the method declaration and add one indent. Use this option if you wish broken apart parameters/arguments follow the method declaration and one indent is added.

    The following screenshot shows the Break Apart Arguments code action result when this setting is applied:


    You can also enable the Indent first parameter/argument option if you want to indent the first parameter/argument.


    • Follow the first parameter/argument. This option is used to align parameters/arguments to the first parameter/argument.


  • The minimum number of parameters/arguments required to make this refactoring available. The default value is 3.

If you use the default value, the Break Apart Parameters/Arguments code action is not available for methods that take less than three arguments.