Spell Checker Settings

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You can configure the Spell Checker in the Editor | All Languages | Code Analysis | Spell Checker options page.

The screenshot below shows the default Spell Checker settings.



The Context group options specify which elements the Spell Checker checks. The following elements are available for spell check:

  • Comments
  • Strings
  • Verbatim strings
  • XML Comments / literals (Visual Basic)
  • File names


This group includes the following Spell Checker options.

Check designer files
Specifies whether to check spelling in designer files.
Ignored elements

Specify text elements that the Spell Checker should ignore. It can ignore the following elements:

  • e-mails
  • mixed case words
  • repeated words
  • uppercase words
  • URLs
  • words with numbers
Skip spell check based on the words length
You can restrict the spell check for words whole length is less than or equal to the specified value. The default value: 3.
Specifies the current culture.


The Spell Checker can check the following identifiers:

  • Public members
  • Internal members
  • Protected internal members
  • Protected members
  • Private members
  • Local variables and parameters


The Dictionaries group allows you to manage the Spell Checker dictionaries.

The Spell Checker ships with a built-in dictionary for the English (Unites States) language to perform the spelling check. It also contains Custom and Keywords dictionaries.


The Custom dictionary stores words added by a user to the Spell Checker from the “Spell Checker -> Add to dictionary: ‘new word’” item in the Code Actions menu. CodeRush supports one custom dictionary. This dictionary is located in the following path:


For information on how to add a word to the custom dictionary, see the following topic section: How to Add a Word to the Custom Dictionary

You can edit the “custom.dic” file adding one word per line.

Change the Spell Checker Language

You can add your dictionary for every language to the Spell Checker. See the How to: Add a Dictionary to the Spell Checker example for details.