Search for a Code Symbol

The Jump To Symbol window enables you to navigate to any identifier from anywhere in your code. You can use the Ctrl + Shift + Q shortcut or the CodeRush | Navigate | Jump to Symbol... menu item to invoke the Jump To Symbol window.This window displays recent navigation targets.


Type a symbol's name or a part of it in the search field. The list of identifiers is filtered dynamically as you type.



Use the button at the top right corner to open the search results as a new session in the References window.

You can also filter the list by the following criteria:

  • Scope (for example, solution, project, file, etc.)
  • Type (for example, class, interface, enumeration, etc.)
  • Member (for example, method, property, event, etc.)
  • Access modifier (for example, private, public, internal, etc.)

Press the Ctrl key to switch to filtering mode. In this mode, you can use the keys listed in the filtering area to include or exclude corresponding identifier sets. You can also use the 8,9 and 0 keys to toggle all types, members or access scopes.


Press Ctrl again to get back to the search mode.

Double-click the required identifier or select it in the list using the arrow keys and press Enter to move the caret to the identifier declaration.


You can define a shortcut that invokes a Jump To Symbol window with a preconfigured filter. Refer to the Jump to Window Filter Preconfiguration article for more information.

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