Spell Checker

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The Spell Checker options page contains the CodeRush Classic Spell Checker options.


The Enabled option specifies the spell checker availability. Other options are organized into the following groups.


Options of the Context group specify which elements are checked by spell checker. The following elements are available for spell check:

  • Comments
  • Strings
  • XML comments
  • Html attributes
  • Html text



This group includes the main spell checker options.

  • Culture

    Specifies the current culture.

  • Check designer files

    Specifies whether to check spelling in designer files.

  • Ignored elements:

    Specify text elements that should be ignored by spell checker. The following elements can be ignored:

    • e-mails
    • mixed case words
    • repeated words
    • upper case words
    • URLs
    • words with numbers



The Dictionaries group enables you to manage spell checker dictionaries.

The dictionary list is located at the left part of the group. The selected dictionary options are located to the right of the list.

To add a dictionary, specify its name and type, and click Add. Spell checker supports the following dictionary types:

  • Standard - an ISpell dictionary represented by the Alphabet file - *.txt, the Affix file - *.aff, and the Base Words file - *.xlg.
  • Open Office - an Open Office dictionary.
  • Custom - a text file with a single word on each line.

The Delete button enables you to remove the selected dictionary.

See How to: Add a Dictionary for Spell Checker for step-by-step instruction of adding a dictionary to Spell Checker.


This product is designed for outdated versions of Visual Studio. Although Visual Studio 2015 is supported, consider using the CodeRush extension with Visual Studio 2015 or higher.

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