How to: Add a Dictionary for Spell Checker

CodeRush Classic Spell Checker is based on the XtraSpellChecker component by DevExpress. Thus it supports the same dictionaries.

The following step-by-step instruction shows you how to add a dictionary for Spell Checker.

  1. Choose Options… from the DevExpress main menu item to open the Options Dialog.


  2. On the tree view on the left choose the Editor|Spell Checker item to open the Spell Checker options page.


  3. Choose the desired dictionary type, specify the dictionary name and click Add.
  4. Select the newly added dictionary in the dictionaries list.
  5. Specify paths to dictionary files.

    • AlphabetPath - the path to a .txt file containing the alphabet. Note that Open Office dictionaries do not support alphabet files.
    • DictionaryPath - the path to a dictionary file. A Standard dictionary file extension is .xlg. An Open Office dictionary and a Custom dictionary file extension is .dic.
    • GrammarPath - the path to a grammar file. Standard and Open Office dictionary grammar files have the .aff extension. Custom dictionaries do not support grammar.
  6. Specify dictionary culture and encoding.
  7. Click OK to apply changes and close the Options Dialog.