Data Editors

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DevExpress Data Editors for Blazor include components that can be used as standalone editors or within the Data Grid edit form.

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The Calendar component allows users to select dates and navigate through months, years, decades, and centuries.

DataEditors Landing Calendar|

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The CheckBox component allows users to select yes/no or true/false.

DataEditors Landing CheckBox|

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The ComboBox component displays a drop-down window with a list of predefined items.

DataEditors Landing ComboBox|

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Date Edit

The Date Edit component displays a drop-down calendar that allows users to select dates. The Date Edit can also display a time section to allow users to select time values.

DataEditors Landing DateEdit|

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List Box

The List Box component allows you to display a list of selectable items from a data source.

DataEditors Landing ListBox|

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Masked Input

The Masked Input component is a text editor that supports masks. The following mask types are available: Text, Numeric, Date-Time, and Regular Expression.

Masked Input Overview

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The Memo component is a multi-line text area that allows users to type and edit text in multiple rows.

DataEditors Landing Memo|

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Spin Edit

The Spin Edit component allows you to display and edit numeric values. Use spin buttons to increment values.

DataEditors Landing SpinEdit|

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The TagBox component allows users to select multiple items (tags) from a drop-down list. Users can also type in the edit box to filter list items that contain the search string.

DataEditors Landing TagBox|

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Text Box

The Text Box is a single-line text editor.

DataEditors Landing TextBox|

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Time Edit

The Time Edit component displays a drop-down time picker. A user can enter the time into the text box or pick it in the drop-down window.

DataEditors Landing TimeEdit

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