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Common Docking Events

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All extensions included in the DevExpress MVC Docking suite (i.e. DockPanelExtension, DockZoneExtension and DockManagerExtension) provide advanced client-side event support that gives you the ability to completely control the behavior of dock panels and zones.

The most typical end-user actions (such as dragging and docking) invoke common events of all the key elements of the panel docking functionality.

  • StartDragging and EndDragging events, specific to DockPanel (StartPanelDragging and EndPanelDragging specific to DockManager), allow you to respond to the corresponding end-user actions performed on a panel.
  • BeforeDock and AfterDock events are common for DockPanel, DockZone and DockManager. They fire before and after a panel is docked to a zone, allowing you to cancel panel docking if required.
  • BeforeFloat and AfterFloat events are common for DockPanel and DockManager. They fire before and after a panel is undocked from a zone, allowing you to cancel the action if required.

The table below lists available client-side common docking events.

Event Dock Manager Events Dock Zone Events Dock Panel Events
StartDragging ASPxClientDockManager.StartPanelDragging - ASPxClientDockPanel.StartDragging
EndDragging ASPxClientDockManager.EndPanelDragging - ASPxClientDockPanel.EndDragging
BeforeDock ASPxClientDockManager.BeforeDock ASPxClientDockZone.BeforeDock ASPxClientDockPanel.BeforeDock
AfterDock ASPxClientDockManager.AfterDock ASPxClientDockZone.AfterDock ASPxClientDockPanel.AfterDock
BeforeFloat ASPxClientDockManager.BeforeFloat - ASPxClientDockPanel.BeforeFloat
AfterFloat ASPxClientDockManager.AfterFloat - ASPxClientDockPanel.AfterFloat

The image below demonstrates the sequence of events invoked when an end-user drags and docks a panel.


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